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Privacy statement

Antenucci Trasformatori according to Italian law No. 196/2003 and for protection of privacy informs the Visitor of the website that the private data communicated to the web-site through the interactive forms will be used only to respond the questions submitted by the Visitor. Antenucci Trasformatori is responsible for treatment of the certain data which will not be disclosed to third parties, though may be used by Antenucci Trasformatori for future communication and for the purpose of promotion. By submitting his data along with a request, the Visitor authorizes the Antenucci Trasformatori company for use of data as it is described. The private data are treated with automated computer-aided tools, special safety precautions are observed to prevent data losses, illegal or incorrect use of the data or unauthorized access to the data. All private data received by Antenucci Trasformatori are collected directly online at the moment of their submission via one of the forms available at the website. Though the personal data submission is not mandatory an eventual refuse to submit them would prevent realization of services as soon as the data exchange with that services would be blocked. If you decide to give your personal data for the use of services of this site as it is described on this page, you accept and agree with your data treatment by the act of submission. As it is required by the privacy law, the Visitor always has a right to obtain from Antenucci Trasformatori a confirmation of availability or absence of his own personal data in the Antenucci Trasformatori archives and their presentation in the readable form. The user also has a right to request for origins of such data as well as the logic and purposes based on which the data are processed. The Visitor can always request and obtain a cancellation of his personal data, or their transformation in an anonymous form or blockage if the data are treated with violation of law. The Visitor can also request update, rectification or, if interested, integration of the data. Moreover, you can decline treatment of the data themselves on legal basis, that will result in a procedure of cancellation of the data from the Antenucci Trasformatori systems.