design, manufacture and market of transformers
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More than 30 years we dedicate ourselves to the design and production of efficient transformers  aiming to bring easiness and comfort to everyone's life. Serious attention is paid to reduce energy consumptions and ensure the sustainable development.
Medium-High Voltage
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We intend to create a healthy, pure and green world, comfortable enough to leave to our children. We use pure energy generated by our photovoltaic plant. We pay special attention to the quality of work areas ambiance i.e. we create a convenient environment for our personnel; collect and dispose all waste, special and non-special, according to the regulations in force.
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Our values

Intellectual correctness and honesty, comprehension of customer's demands, technical competence, quality and a high quality-to-price ratio.
Those are the fundamental concepts of our work.

Why choosing us?

We offer products of excellent performance, competitive prices, in conformity with safety and environmental standards and professional support for customers.

Our basic task of rendering a complex solution to our customers with attentive and accurate technical and commercial services helps us to become your reliable and highly motivated partner.
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