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By this statement of cookie policy presented in accordance with the Guarantor regulation for data protection (hereinafter referred to as “Guarantor”) dated 8 May 2014, No.. 229, i.e: “Definition of the simplified procedures for the statement of Cookies policy and acquisition of consent for use of cookies ” (hereinafter referred to as  “Provision of Cookie”) ANTENUCCI TRASFORMATORI of Antenucci Ind. Antonio, with a headquarter in Traversa Sedicesima n 21 Villaggio Sereno 25125 BRESCIA (hereinafter referred to as, “Antenucci Trasformatori”), as an responsible of data treatment, informs about types of cookies used by the website as well as about the respective purposes and methods of use and control.
The present Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and the respective purposes and methods of use and control.
The present Cookie Policy statement is an integral part of the private data treatment policy which can be read by clicking the link in the bottom of each page of our website.

What Is a Cookie

Generally, a Cookie Is a Small Piece of Data that Websites You Visit Can Send to Your Device (only Browser), Where They Are Stored and Communicate to The Same Websites During a Next Visit of The Same User.
When a User Navigates on The Certain Website the User Can Receive on His Device Both Cookies of The Same Website and Cookies Sent by Different Websites or Servers ("third Party" Cookies) Where Some Elements (like Images, Maps, Sounds or Specific Links to Pages of Other Domains) May Locate and Viewed on The Website the User Is Visiting.
Cookies May Generally Be Used for Different Purposes Like, for Example, Device Authentication, Monitoring of Sessions, Saving of Special Configuration Data of Users Who Access the Server, Profiling Purposes, Etc.

First Party Cookies

The First Party Cookies Are Cookies that Are Saved on The User Device and Controlled Directly by Means of The Present Website
Regulating Authority (ra) Can Use Cookies for Various Purposes. in Some Parts of Our Website Cookies Are Essential and The User Would Be Unable to Proceed with Our Services without Them. Ra Continuously Improves the Website and Looks for Easier Procedures to Render Our Services. for That Reason It Is Important to Understand how To Use Our Services and Our Website. the Cookies Also Help Us to Render Better Experience to The User Like, for Instance, to Offer Information Which Can Be of Major Interest for The User. 

Navigation and Session Cookies

Navigation or Session Cookies Are Fundamental for Letting the User to Move Through Our Website, for Proceeding Activities Required for Functioning of The Site Itself. Therefore, These Cookies Guarantee a Normal Navigation and Fruition. These Cookies Are Not Necessarily Stored on The User's Device, And, Consequently, Disappear as Soon as The Browser Closes.
Use of Such Cookies or Implementation of Their Functions Does Not Require the User's Consent According to Regulations in Force. However, the User Can Choose to Decline the Consent at The Moment of Installation of Such Cookies by Changing Settings of His Browser. While Doing that The User Must Remember that Such Choice Will Affect the Communication Between the User and Our Website.

Functional Cookies

The Functional Cookies — Which Are Included in The Group of C.D. Technical Cookies — Allow Our Website to Memorize Some of The User's Preferences (like, for Example, Your Geographic Location) with A Purpose to Provide the User with Highly Personalized and Optimized Navigation (for Example, Personalization of The Table "the List of The Best Companies in Italy" available in Our Home Page).
It Must Be Noted that These Cookies Are Not Used by Ra for Profiling of The User's Navigation, but They Allow to Uniquely Personalize the Services Rendered by Ra. the Information Collected by Means of These Cookies Remain Anonymous.
These Cookies Are Not Essential for Our Website Functions, but They Improve Quality of The User's Navigation Experience. Consequently, if The User Do Not Accept These Cookies, the Performance and The Functionality of The Www.Antenuccitrafo.It May Decrease and The Access to A Certain Content of The Website May Be Limited.
Use of Such Cookies or Implementation of Their Functions Does Not Require the User's Consent According to Regulations in Force. However, the User Can Choose to Decline the Consent at The Moment of Installation of Such Cookies by Changing Settings of His Browser.


Third Party Cookies

When the User Navigates on Our Website Some Cookies that Are Not Controlled by Ra Can Be Stored at The User's Device. for Instance, It May Happen when The User Visits a Page Which Contains a Third Parties Content. Therefore, the User Will Receive Third Party Cookies of This Services. Ra Does Not Have Control Over Content Rendered by Third Party Cookies and Have No Access to Such Data. These Information Is Controlled Completely by The Companies of Third Parties as It Is Specified in The Respective Privacy Policy. 
The Below Mentioned Table Shows Third Party Cookies Available at Www.Antenuccitrafo.It These Cookies Are Considered Under the Direct and Exclusive Responsibility of Third Parties Who Install Them on The User's Device. the Cookies of This Type Are Divided Into the Following Macro-Categories: 

** • Analytical Cookies: Used for Collection and Analysis of The Statistics Data About Quantity of Users and Visits on The Website;
• Advertising Cookies: Included in This Category, They Are Used to Render Advertising Services All Over the Website.

If the User Does Not Want to Receive Third Party Cookies on His Device He Can Access (by Following the Below Specified Links) the Consent Forms of The Mentioned Third Parties to Exclude Receipt of Such Cookies.

These Cookies Are Not Controlled Directly by Ra and Therefore to Cancel a Consent It Is Required to Refer to The Web-Sites of Third Parties Specified in The Table Below:

 purpose of Use


 privacy Statement


We Use the Information Collected by Means of The Limited and Anonymous Monitoring with A Purpose to Improve the Content and Optimize Navigational Paths of Our Website. This Information, for Example, Helps Us to Understand how Many Pages Are Visited, Which Search Engines and Key-Words Are Used.



Policy Analytics


We Use This Cookie for Localization of Our Visitor so That We Could Render Personalized Information Referred to The Province



Technical Cookies

These Cookies Are Used to Improve Accessibility to Our Website and To Speed up The Dns Resolutions.

Xxlplan D
Xxlplan Bak

Cookie Policy


The Phpsessid Cookie Originates to Php and Intends to Memorize the Serialized Data. the Website Uses These Cookies to Establish a User Session and To Transmit the Data by Means of Temporary Cookies Which Generally Refer to As a Session Cookie. Phpsessid neither Expire nor Disappear when A Client's Browser Closes.



How to Disable Cookies

Wherever the User Has an Intention to Disable One or More Cookies Used by The Present Web-Site, We Suggest that He Let Us Know His Choice Through Third Parties' Consent Forms Listed in This Statement.
The Major Part of Browsers Accept Cookies Automatically. Nonetheless, You Can Choose to Disable Cookies by Changing Settings of The Browser You Use. We Recommend, Anyway, that You Do Not Disable Cookies in Order Not to Prevent Yourself from Navigating Freely from Page to Page and To Benefit from All Peculiarities of Our Website.
Below We Give Links to The Instructions of How to Proceed This Operation in The Most Popular Browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
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Apple Safari

Further Information Regarding Cookies Can Be Found at The Website Www.Youronlinechoices.Com : How To Eliminate or Control Cookies in Various Types of Browsers and How to Change Preferences for The Third Parties Cookies

The User Rights

The Company Responsible for Data Treatment Is Antenucci Trasformatori.
The User Can at Any Moment and Without Any Formalities Implement the Rights Under the Article 7 of D.Lgs. No. 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code (“codice in Materia Di Protezione Dei Dati Personali”), Hereinafter Referred to As “privacy Code”), by Sending a Letter at This Address

For Major Completeness, We Have Incorporated This Text from The Article 7 of The Privacy Code:
“art. 7 – Right to Access Personal Data and Other Rights
1. the Interested Person Has a Right to Obtain a Confirmation About Availability or Absence of Personal Data that Concern with The Mentioned Person, Even if The Data Have Not Been Registered Yet. the Interested Person Has a Right to Be Communicated with The Above Data in A Readable Form.
2. the Interested Person Has a Right to Obtain the Following Information:
A) Origin of Personal Data;
B) Purposes and Modes of Treatment;
C) Logic that Is Applied if Treatment Is Implemented Electronically;
D) Identity of The Owner, Executives and Representatives Under Article 5, Paragraph 2;
E) Subjects or Subject Categories to Which Personal Data Can Be Communicated to Or Who Can Learn About Them as A Representative Authorized for The Territory of The Country, Executives or Appointed Persons.
3. the Interested Person Has a Right to Obtain the Following Information:
A) Update, Rectification Or, if Interested, Data Integration;
B) Cancellation, Conversion in Anonymous Form or Blockage of The Data Treated in Violation of The Law, Including the Data Which Withdrawal Is Not Necessary for The Purposes for Which They Are Collected or Processed Afterwards;
C) Certification that The Operations Specified in Paragraphs A) and B) Are Brought to The Knowledge, as Well as Their Content, of Those to Whom the Data Are Communicated or Disclosed, Except for The Case in Which This Fulfillment Proves to Be Impossible or Requires the Use of Means Obviously Disproportional to The Protected Right.
4. the Interested Person Has a Right to Object Completely or Partially:
A) Treatment of Personal Data Related to Him for Legitimate Reasons, Though Pertinent to The Purpose of Data Collection;
B) Treatment of Personal Data Related to Him with Regards to Advertising or Direct Sales or Market Surveys or Commercial Communication".

By Navigating the Pages of the internet site without making choices in the consent forms specified in this statement, the user agrees to install the cookies.